Product Development

RK has experience in the design, construction, testing, packaging and roll out of commercial off the shelf packaged software.

Medical Device Manufacturer – RK participated in a multi-year major point release of the company’s core embedded software product.  The new release, schedule for general availability by the end of 2012, was upgraded to contemporary technology and now includes work flow. 

Gaming Equipment Manufacturer – RK confirmed requirements and final design, then constructed, tested and deployed a handheld, web-enabled application for the remote redemption of casino floor bar coded tickets produced by gaming machines.  A second project was focused on a database update and installation tool to simplify the rollout of the applications’ central database.  For the third and final multi-year project, RK  designed, implemented, and integration tested a gateway between a  casino management system and third-party casino/hotel management products.

Business Information Provider – RK provided technical leadership, project management and DBA services for a multi-phased project to launch new data services for the Economist Intelligence Unit, a paid subscription service of The Economist magazine.  The new global web-based service provided paid subscribers the ability to browse, download, save data products and to perform data analysis.

Gaming Operations Software Originator – for this Agile project, RK provided technical leadership and programming services for the creation of a mobile sports book application which was intended for use by the in-house sports book organization as well as by future third party casino management clients.

Electronic Equipment Manufacturer – RK developed an intermediary application that provided an interface to Circuit City back office systems that enabled the ordering of client’s computer systems and components from a touch screen based kiosk on the floors of any of the 560+ Circuit City stores nationwide. 

Financial Software Originator – RK led a multi-year project to replace a long standing legacy application based on client-server and non-relational flat-file database architecture.  RK provided the project manager and was responsible for the creation of all phase project plans, monitoring and updating the multi-year Strategic Plan, tasking the team leads and tracking progress, monitoring and documenting issue resolution, reporting status weekly, and resolving resource conflicts. 

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