• String and Enums


    Written by Lawrence Botley

    Mapping enumerated type values to strings

    Enumerated types are a very useful way of binding an integer to a recognisable and readable string in your … more

  • Dynamic App.config key property mapping


    Download project source code

    Written by Lawrence Botley

    An elegant and simple approach to dynamic property/App.config key mapping in C#

    Mapping properties to app.config keys … more

  • Custom Authentication in WCF

    Author: Ryan Olshan

    WCF provides for custom username- and password-based authentication using UserNamePasswordValidator.  The below code demonstrates implementing this.

    Let's presume your … more

  • Persistence Model with AWS DynamoDB

    Download the AWS SDK for .NET

    Download project source code

    Written by Lawrence Botley

    A simple C# step by step tutorial for the AWS DynamoDB persistence model … more

  • MongoDb with Linqpad

    MongoDB is a non-relational database for storing objects (or documents), it's a really nice alternative to the traditional database paradigm and allows the storage and serialization of C# classes and … more

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